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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

Entebbe International Airport – How Covid-19 has affected it

Nothing has ever hit the World than this pandemic Covid-19. It seems like a world war because thousands of people are losing their lives every day.

Declared in China’s Wuhan city, this Virus is emerging a great threat to the all-World. It started at low rates, and less attention was given to it. That’s why this pandemic virus is all over the continents and still spreading day by day.

Current cases are totaling to 182723. Out of this, over 7000 people have died, and about 79000 recovered, the rest are still under treatment in different countries.

Countries which are widely affected by this outbreak include China with over 80000 cases, Italy with 27000 cases, and Iran with about 14000 and Spain with 9900 confirmed cases. No business isn’t affected by this Virus outbreak. So it is no surprise that it can lead to a great collapse of the all-World.

Therefore it is everyone’s responsibility to report any Corona-virus case, and as well stick to ensure the precautions stated by the World Health Organization. When we are together we shall fight this Covid-19.

All businesses are closing, including sporting events, transportation agencies like airlines, hotels, tour companies and many employees are losing their jobs, and this is a serious setback.

The widespread is majorly caused by the movement of infected people from one country to another. It started in Asia (China) and later declared in Europe in countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, and the UK to name but a few.

As per now, more cases are appearing in Africa. Some of the African countries with confirmed cases are Egypt, Senegal, Algeria, DR Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Algeria, Morocco and more.

Uganda is still safe, no confirmed case and screening is ensured at different borders to prevent this Virus from the country. No any case so far, but the outbreak has affected service providers at Entebbe airport, the only international airport in Uganda.

There are reduced numbers of travelers. Tour companies, airlines, hotels, airport taxis and companies like Civil Aviation Authority are making losses. With the great prevention moves made, the limited spread of this virus is hoped for, and things will go right in the few months to come.

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