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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Special Taxi in Kampala

How To Book Your Transfer From Entebbe Airport

Situated in the central region, EBB airport is the international airport of Uganda. It requires not more than one hour to connect to Kampala by Car.

This aviation facility is large enough and handles millions of travelers who come from various parts of the World daily.

The nearest drop-off point is Entebbe town. Covering about 56 square kilometers, Entebbe is developed and fully packed with any service a traveler may need including accommodation, tourist attractions, transportation, and more.

Passengers use airport taxis to shift from the EBB airport. Some stay in Entebbe town and others go direct to the capital and other places in the nation.

If you are not sure of how to book your Entebbe airport taxi and transfer service, highlighted below are the genuine steps you can follow.

Search on Google.

Nothing is better than Google when it’s giving answers to any question posed.

Therefore don’t hesitate to search for the best agency for Taxi services from Ebb airport. Am pretty sure that you will get a bona fide agency for your trip.

Seek Recommendation.

Continue further to seek recommendations from a friend or relatives who have used this service in Uganda.

Several platforms including google, trip advisor display reviews of clients who testify about the company they use. You can also join some online forums.

After all, inquire with them to know the services offered and taxi rates. Most agencies like Entebbe Airport Transfer have websites, so you can use this online platform to get in touch with the reservations agent.

Book in Advance.

Provided that you are comfortable with all details given, endeavor to book the services in advance such that your transfer is catered for in time.

Moreover, there is a possibility of failing to get a cab for your ride or be overcharged when you order at the last minute. You may be stranded at arrivals and some operators use this advantage to ask abnormal money for the transfer.

Transfer Process

Don’t forget to come with your valid passport, Visa, Yellow fever, and Covid-19 vaccination cards.

Once you arrive at the airport, the first thing to do is to clear the immigration, go through necessary checks, and after you are free to go.

Meet the driver at arrivals, there are usually many people at this point waiting for their visitors. Therefore what you have to do is to look out for a raised placard that showcases your name.

Share greetings, get your luggage into the car trunk, make payment, and embark on a journey to your next destination.

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