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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

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Why Book Entebbe Airport Taxi In Advance

For those who are planning to visit Uganda, there is no other airport to receive you if it’s not Entebbe. This is the only international aviation ground in the country. It welcomes a myriad of planes daily from various nations.

Ebb airfield is located approximately 37 kilometers southwest of Kampala. The scenery surrounding this facility is the first impression to visitors, but there is more to appreciate.

Entebbe airport isolates itself from major towns where visitors access accommodation and other basic services.

Therefore you have to shift from there up to any place of interest like Entebbe town, Kampala city, Jinja, Fort Portal, Mbarara, Masaka, and more.

Travelers get from the Ebb airstrip by many ways, but the most convenient is an Airport Taxi. Authentic agencies like Airport Taxi in Entebbe provide this service.

Traveling from the Ebb airport by taxi is very easy, but hectic if you didn’t plan well. Therefore be sure to confirm a booking in advance. Below are the main reasons why you should do so.

Pre-booking ensures proper planning, and you aren’t affected by scarcity. Additionally, you get better deals than someone who orders on arrival.

Lastly, you have the chance to choose the best provider at your pace. Those who are reserving at the last-minute expect to be highly charged or get stuck for some time. For those who doesn’t know how to book, use this guide to help you.

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