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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Where to Stay from Entebbe Airport

Ebb Airport is the only international airport in Uganda and with certainty all flights from different parts of the World land at this space. It is somehow isolated from Uganda’s major towns like Kampala, Jinja, Mbarara and more.

So to get from there, you have to use airport taxi service providers like Airport Transfers Uganda for a pick up to your destination. Below are some of the major towns where you can seek accommodation after arriving at Ebb Airport.

Entebbe. From Entebbe town to the airport it’s about 7km and takes some twenty minutes for the drive. This town is dotted with numerous accommodation facilities that range from budget, mid-range to luxury. 

If your flight is late in the night, it is recommended that you book for accommodation within Entebbe for a night stay then you can continue with your journey on the following day.

Kampala. From Entebbe to Kampala, Uganda’s capital it’s about 46km and takes some 50 minutes for the drive especially when you use the Entebbe express route. 

Kampala city with its suburbs is packed with abundant lodging facilities including hotels, guest houses and lodges. So you can’t fail to get somewhere to sleep provided that you booked in advance. 

It is recommended to stay in Kampala if you are expecting to wake up very early in the morning for your drive to other parts of Uganda like Western, Eastern or Northern Uganda.

Jinja. Jinja is one of Uganda’s most exciting towns. It is located in the Eastern part of Uganda and offers several exciting activities to partake. 

If your reason for a trip to Uganda is Jinja, you can transfer directly to this town once you arrive in Entebbe. 

The distance from Ebb Airport up to Jinja is about 125km and takes about 3-4 hours for the drive. Kampala – Jinja highway is full of traffic jam, so it is advised that you start your drive very early in the morning. 

Not only packed with multiple things to do, but Jinja is also full of comfortable accommodation facilities reserved for tourists.

Mbarara. If you are heading to the western part of Uganda, you can easily transfer from Entebbe airport and stopover in Mbarara for a night stay. This town features elegant accommodation facilities that are perfect for tourists of different interests. 

The distance from Entebbe up to Mbarara is about 260 km, and you can drive for about five hours depending on speed used and traffic along the way.

Fort Portal. This town is ranked amongst the cleanest towns in Uganda. It is perfect for a night stay if you are heading to Kibale Forest National Park or other parts in northwestern Uganda like Mountain Rwenzori. The distance is about 318 km, and it takes about six hours for the drive.

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