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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

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Why Book for Airport Transfer in Advance

If you are a travel addict, I hope you wouldn’t like to get irritated on the first day in your new destination. This is common when you arrive at the airport when there is no one to pick you.

It may be delay by the agency you booked with or when you decided to get the taxi on arrival.

Most airports feature a range of transportation services like a train, tube, shuttle bus, and taxicabs, but you shouldn’t depend on that especially if you are not more informed about your next destination.

Being in a new place with no one to give you help is annoying. Therefore to avoid this, endeavor to make preparations in time.

You should book first the Airport Transfer Service before the hotel because you have to get there by transport means.

Last-minute orders are always disappointing. Therefore don’t wait to reserve in advance. Below are the reasons why you should confirm your booking before the travel date.

Reservations assure the operator and enable you to get the exact rates. Don’t expect to be charged highly like a person who inquires at the last minute.

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