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Entebbe International Airport

Special Taxi in Kampala

It sounds great that you arrived at Ebb international airport. We are here to guide you on how to get from Entebbe. To have a successful transfer to Kampala from entebbe airport, make sure to use the best option highlighted below.

If you are traveling to Uganda, expect to land at Entebbe airport. Pre-book the transfer to avoid disappointment. The airfield is a bit far from town where you can get accommodation.

It’s about 4km from the runway to Entebbe town and 47km to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. There is no other way to convey from there if it isn’t by car. No train or tube and you can’t walk.

Therefore you should choose to travel by Car. If you wish to get the taxi on arrival, expect to be highly charged or miss out on the transportation means.

To avoid all the confusion, make sure to pre-reserve with Entebbe Airport Transfers and wait for your pick up.

Once you reach the arrival space, look for your name. The driver will be waiting with a placard that showcases your details in bold letters.

Greet each other, sort out all your things and later embark the Car for the jaw-dropping journey to the city. It takes about 1-2 hours.

Reaching the capital, you can check-in at the hotel for overnight stay. For those who are spending some days in the city, don’t miss its lively nightlife. It is dotted by several vibrant clubs that turn the night vibe exceptional.

The city’s markets in the downtown like Owino are great for local life encounters. There are craft shops where you can buy handmade goods as souvenirs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the important questions asked by travelers who arrive at ebb Airport, more so first-timers.

Can I exchange money? The answer is yes. You can exchange your money from home currency to Ugandan Shillings using the available forex outlets. The rate vary according to those forex outlets in other towns like Kampala.

Is there a Cafe or Restaurant? Ebb runway has a restaurant and café reserved for travelers to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can as well spend some time in case you are waiting for a delayed or postponed flight.

Where to stay in Kampala

When it comes to where to stay, you have no reason to worry. The city is dotted with a range of accommodation facilities that vary from budget, mid-range to luxurious properties.

Even if you don’t book in advance am pretty sure you will get somewhere to sleep although for complacent services you have to.

Whether you choose to stay in the center of the city or within its suburbs, you will be treated equally basing on the class of facilities you opt for.

If you are after luxurious amenities, these are mostly found within the city center. Some of the hotels recommended for you include Serena hotel, Sheraton, Pearl of Africa Hotel, Grand Imperial Hotel, to name but a few.

Where to Eat in Kampala

Kampala is one of the cities that offer posh eateries in East Africa. Most hotels in Kampala have restaurants that serve both local and international meals. This makes the place perfect for all travelers of varying interests.

If you don’t wish to have meals in the same place you are staying, move out to different food outlets around the city.

Some of these localities are cafes like café Javas, outlets like KFC and restaurants. Don’t miss to taste Uganda’s local food if you are a foodie. It is worth to savor.

How to move around Kampala.

You have plenty of options to move around Kampala, but for a deep adventure walking around the streets is the best, although you can’t go for long distances.

This option gives an opportunity to associate with locals, reach out to several shopping malls and as well take a plethora of comely city photos.

Other ways to get around Kampala include: get a Boda Boda to ride around at affordable prices or hire a taxi with a driver to drive to various points of interests.

What to do once in Kampala.

There are several things to cover your days in Kampala as listed below. If you fancy a glimpse of this capital endeavor to partake one or two of these depending on your time table.


Kampala is a paradise for shoppers. This city consists of multiple shopping malls with shops that sell goods at affordable prices. Some of the goods sold include clothes, shoes, electronic gadgets, sports wears and more.

If you feel like you are missing something in your bag try to reach malls like acacia malls, Boulevards, freedom city, Aponye mall, Shoprite, Forest mall and more for authentic goods sold at unbeatable prices.

Visit local markets.

For local life encounters in Kampala, the best option for you is a visit to the local markets. These locales are found in downtown Kampala.

The most popular market for tourists is Owino market. It sells local food and consists of craft shops that vend hand made goods you can buy as souvenirs. Some restaurants serve piquant local dishes at friendly prices.

Visit historical sites.

Other than shopping malls, markets and luxurious hotels, the city is home to numerous historical sites that are a must-see for history lovers.

Some of these sites are Uganda museum, the Royal Palace of Buganda Kingdom, Kasubi tombs, Uganda martyrs Namugongo Shrines, Bahai Temple, Gadhafi mosque and the National site.


Kampala also captivates with its spectacular nightlife. If Nightlife is your thing, then don’t miss to party in Kampala’s vibrant clubs and night bars.

Many bars surround most hotels in the city. So this gives no room for long-distance travel from your place of stay.

Try the local food.

If you are a foodie, then make sure to taste Uganda delicious dishes. There are served in most restaurants within the city and at the hotel.

These dishes include Katogo (a mixture of cassava and beans, Matooke and intestines or Matooke and meat), Matooke, Rice, Posho, Potatoes served with Meat, Beans, Fish, Soya peas, Chicken and more.

Attend fun events.

Don’t feel bored at your hotel, you can move out during the day to attend different fun events hosted around Kampala.

These events include Roast and Rhymes, Blankets and Wine, to mention but a few. The main venues for these fun events are Kadondo Rugby grounds, Lugogo Cricket Oval, Jahaz Pier and more.

Watch a football match.

For lovers of football, you are also catered for. You can watch one of the matches for Uganda Premier league. The nearest football grounds from Kampala are Star times Stadium for Kampala Capital City Authority Football Club and St Mary’s Stadium for Vipers Football club.

Go for a comedy show.

Not only football or clubbing, but Kampala also has something for those who fancy comedy. Don’t miss to attend a comedy show at Lugogo UMA showground hosted every Thursday night. It starts at 6:00 pm up to 10:00 pm.

Walk along the streets.

For Lovers of adventure, this is for you. Kampala is full of lively streets, and there are all secure. Therefore don’t hesitate to arrange for a walk either in the morning or evening for endless beautiful views of the city.

Where to find Service providers.

While in Kampala Service providers are everywhere, so you have to move out of your hotel and reach out to different places like Shopping malls, service centres and more. Banks, Forex outlets, Telecommunication centres are on every street.

Day Tours from Kampala.

If you wish for an adventure out of Kampala, there is nothing exceptional than day tours to multiple amazing places around as listed below.

Visit Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

This is a mecca for those who are in love with Rhinoceros. It is located in Nakasongola district, a few kilometres from Kampala city.

This protected area was established mainly to provide a home to the reintroduced species of White rhinoceros. It is home to over forty-nine Rhinoceros.

You can get there by car, it takes about 2-3 hours for the drive via Kampala – Masindi – Gulu highway. The tracking lasts for about one hour and costs $50 per person.

Visit Jinja town

After Kampala, Jinja may be the next most known town. It is renowned for its remarkable adventure activities that include White water rafting along the Nile, boat cruise and visit to the source of the Nile.

It takes about 5-6 hours for the drive to Jinja via Kampala – Jinja – Mbale highway. It is recommended to wake up early in the morning and start the Journey. Water Rafting and Boat cruise are the offers of this day outing.

Visit Lake Mburo National Park.

Lake Mburo Park is amongst Uganda’s ten National Park. It is a great place to visit if you are a Wildlife addict.

It is the nearest Park from Kampala and provides a home to a wide range of wildlife species including the African Big Fives like Elephants, Buffaloes and more.

Once you are there, you will do a game drive for endless views of these animals or boat cruise along the waters of Lake Mburo.

Visit Mabira Forest.

Located along Kampala – Jinja –Mbale highway, Mabira forest is a must-visit from Kampala.

It is inhabited by many wildlife species including wild animals, birds, reptiles and insects. It treats tourists with incredible forest walks, zip-lining experiences and bird watching excursions.

If you prefer to partake one of the day tours listed above, don’t hesitate to notify us and arrange it for you at affordable prices.

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