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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Special Taxi in Kampala

Guide: Airport Transfer Entebbe, Taxicab Charges

Visitors to Uganda have mixed information about how to get from Entebbe Airport. This is due to the available outdated travel details including the cost of a taxi from EBB Airstrip, things required on arrival, transport agencies to name but a few.

Some websites are still showcasing the taxi rates for 2016, 2017, and 2018 yet the fares changed. This confuses most travelers, especially first timers. To enable our users get up-to-date facts, we decide to publish a basic guide that highlights the latest particulars.

If you want to know more about Airport pick up from Entebbe, drop off at the landing strip, and taxi shuttles in Uganda, this article is for you.

First of all, all flights from various corners of the World land at the ebb airstrip. This aviation space is located in the central part of the nation, about 45 km from Kampala and 6 km southwest of the ebb town.

Before you board a plane from your departure point make sure to have the required documents. The list embodies a yellow fever vaccination card, Visa, valid passport, and the negative PCR Covid-19 test done within 72 hours of arrival. If you don’t have all these certificates, no permission entry for you.

The new operational guidelines require social distance, wearing a face mask, and hand sanitizing. All entry points on the departure and arrival lounge are equipped with automatic hand sanitizing machines. This is meant to mitigate the widespread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

How to Get from EBB Airport

Entebbe airdrome is isolated, and only girded by landing spaces, grasslands, and aircraft workshops. Therefore you need a transfer to your next stop or accommodation nearby. From the facility, the next point is Entebbe town. This province covers a total area of 56.2 square kilometers.

It comprises multiple tourist spots, lodging facilities, local markets, and the United Nations base in Uganda, business centers, local markets, and shopping malls.

Visitors get to this place by different options, but the best to take is an Airport taxi. Many agencies provide this service. One of them is the Entebbe Airport Express.

Services on offer by this operator include Airport shuttle to Kampala or other localities in the country, drop-off at the Airdrome, and special taxi hire.

Don’t delay to book for outstanding Airport transfers. Prices charged for the cab are uniform and favorable to everyone. Fares for this journey (from the air-station to Entebbe town) range from 1520 dollars.

The Entebbe Airport to Kampala taxi fee is between 3540 USD depending on the journey length.

Airport Taxi in Uganda

Payment method & Currencies Used

Cash payment is the mostly used method for airport taxi service in Uganda. It’s often made to the driver. Some agencies accept advance payment, but this is applicable for big sums of money that exceed 500 USD.


Once at the landing strip, you can pay in Uganda shillings or other international currencies accepted in the country. These are the United States of America dollars, Euros, and Pounds only.


When to Book?


To avoid frustrations, it’s recommended to pre-book your taxicab service. The minimum number is two days to your arrival date. Once you start the journey, be sure to alert the reservation agent before the plane lands at the EBB aviation space.


Next Destination


You can travel from EBB Airport, and get to multiple destinations in the nation. Some of these places are ebb town, Kampala (Uganda’s capital), Jinja (a favorite getaway for tourists), Fort Portal, Mbarara, Masaka, Kisoro, Kasese, Bundibugyo, Mbale, Gulu, Soroti, Kitgum, Kotido, Lira, Yumbe, Iganga, Bushenyi, Bugiri to mention but a few.

Of all towns, Entebbe is the nearest. It is about 6km from the aviation space. By an airport taxi, you can take like 12 minutes to reach your exact location. It can be a residential place, hotel, or a friend’s home.


Airport Transfer fees in Uganda


Taxicab prices in Uganda depend on the trip length. The rate for short distance rides like Entebbe to Kampala transfer is between 15 – 50 USD. If the journey exceeds 60 km, expect to pay more than fifty US dollars. The money paid is to cater for fuel, Airport parking, car maintenance fee, driver commission and the Entebbe expressway toll charge.


The routes used


There is only one road from the EBB International Airport to Abayita ababiri where you find two routes.


These include the Entebbe expressway and the old Entebbe – Kajjansi path. If you are on time, make sure to use the expressway up to Kajjansi where you re-access the old Entebbe road. This is advised to avoid interference caused by the public taxis (matatu).


Apart from that, you may choose to continue straight to Busega where you can join routes to other areas like Masaka, Kyengera, Mityana, Nansana, Natete, Kibuye or drive to Sentema roundabout to connect to places like Kasubi, Wandegeya, Kawala, Mengo, and more. 


While on the EBB expressway, be sure to read the road signs including the one that indicates the direction to Kajjansi or Kampala. 

Entebbe expressway road signs

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