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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Special Taxi in Kampala

The easiest way to reach Entebbe airport for your departure flight is to use a taxicab. Taxi agencies offer this service at affordable rates. To get in touch with one, you can use Google and contact them through an online platform.

There is always a reservation agent to answer your questions. Once you confirm your order, the driver will come for you at your residential home, hotel, bus terminal, or any other easy-to-access location. Before you engage one of the operators, here are the useful tips for your successful drop-off at Entebbe airport.

Ask for the trip cost

This is amongst the things to include in your message when sending an inquiry. Don’t forget to mention the pick-up location. The trip fare usually depends on your destination. For those within Kampala, you can indicate the village or town center name like Lungujja, Muyenga, Nakasero, Seguku, Katale, Makindye, Ntinda and more.

Know the terms and conditions

Companies have terms and conditions attached to service delivery. Make sure to know the terms and conditions like what’s included in the price for a trip, charge for waiting time, cancellation policies, extra fee for night trips, and a lot more.

Book in advance

This is the perfect way to go and it leads to good service provision. The advance reservation always makes things easygoing. The provider can be sure of your need and you are served without a doubt. If the operator isn’t sure, then they won’t put in what they are supposed to for good service delivery.

Share your details

These include your exact location (it may be your home, hotel, or any other place), pickup time, number of passengers, size of luggage, and date for the trip. You can even share your Google map location via WhatsApp. The driver can use the Google map navigator to reach you easily.

Keep your phone on

Don’t switch off your phone on the day for pick up. The driver calls your number to connect with you when in your residential area. If not, try hard to make sure you position yourself at a point where he can identify you without calling.

Give updates

Don’t forget to communicate with the reservationist in case of any changes to your travel details. This may be flight time, date, cancellation, or change of location. It avoids disappointments and extra fees charged.

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