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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Airport Taxi in Uganda

Airport Shuttle From Entebbe

Once at Entebbe airport, you can use a taxicab to reach your next destination. EBB is a bit isolated from nearby places like Kampala, Mbarara, Kasese, and a lot more. If you need an airport shuttle to Jinja, Mbale, or any other area, here are the reasons why you should reserve it in advance.

Ready Taxicab

Certainty always leads to great service delivery. Don’t expect someone skeptical about your arrival to give in 100 percent. The driver may even fail to turn up if you promise to confirm your order on arrival. It is better you hit the confirm button days before you land at EBB airport.

Hustle free and No time wastage

If you choose and reserve with an agency, there is no need for you to move around the airport searching for a cab to take you. Our representative will be ready for you at arrivals. When you move out of the terminal, look for your name. Meet and greet. After, proceed to the car for your ride immediately.

Favorable rates

Rates given for those who pre-book are always different from those provided for last-minute users. Most providers tend to overcharge customers who request the service at the last minute. What is the science behind this? It is a business language and more common when you have no other option.

Free waiting time

When you confirm your arrival date and time, the driver will be waiting for you at arrivals with a placard that displays your names. There is no charge for waiting time.

Safe travel

Some travelers prefer to get drivers when they get to the airport, but sometimes this is not safe because you may choose the wrong people. At the airport, some thieves pretend to be service providers when they are not. They target you and steal all your property along the way. After, drop you at an unknown place. It is safer when you travel with EBB taxi company.

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