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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Airport Taxi in Uganda

Can I Travel From Entebbe Airport By A Bus Shuttle?

The answer is no. Travelers now get from Entebbe airport by use of private taxicabs.

In 2016, a bus shuttle was used to transport passengers up to the garden city, but it collapsed due to some unavoidable factors. Here are the reasons why it failed.

Scheduled journeys

Flights are scheduled but sometimes altered due to unmanageable climatic conditions.

Bus shuttle also offers trips on a timetable. They find it hard to change when there is a flight delay which leads to loss of customers.

No privacy

After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, most travelers now love to travel privately. The bus shuttle is a shared means of transport.

Therefore it is not hard to understand why it’s ignored. Trippers fear mixing up with people from other localities.

Numerous alternatives

There are multiple ways to get from the ebb airstrip. The list includes the use of a local tour operator for tourists, pick up by relatives, or a friend for those who have their beloved ones in the country.

If not that you can use the most favorable option and this is an airport taxi.

Some great agencies like Entebbe airport transfer offer the service at reasonable prices. I see no reason why you shouldn’t contact them to come and get you from Entebbe airport or drop you off at ebb.

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