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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Airport Taxi in Uganda

Why Use a Private Airport Taxi From Entebbe Than a Hotel Shuttle

For a person who has traveled for years, I think words like a private airport taxi or hotel shuttle aren’t new to you.

It is a usual service that travelers use to connect to other places once you get to any aviation ground of any country.

Local transport agencies own the cabs that are available to offer special transfers.

Then big hotels provide shuttle buses that convey all clients who booked accommodation with them. This is only when your reservation and arrangement include the airport transfer.

In Uganda, travelers land at Entebbe airstrip, from this facility, you can travel to other areas by use of the above-mentioned options.

Below is the reason why trippers prefer an airport taxi from Entebbe to a hotel shuttle bus.

Aside from being cheap and convenient, taxis are secure and good at time management. When you finish clearing, you meet our driver in the arrival space.

Greet each other and embark on a journey to your destination.

With the hotel shuttle, you travel in a group. Sometimes you reach the airport and wait for other travelers who have not yet arrived. This is always annoying for those who hate waiting for so long.

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