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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

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Why Travelers Use Private Taxi To Get From Entebbe Airstrip

Entebbe airport is the only international entry point to Uganda. It receives thousands of travelers daily from numerous regions of the World. Visitors come in to carry our different activities.

If you hope to join the list of those who visit Uganda, don’t wait to read these major reasons why most people prefer using airport cabs to reach the next stop places.

Apart from being less expensive and affordable to everyone, taxicabs are flexible and good at time management They offer door-to-door service and no scheduled trips, convenient, and ensure privacy.

It is frustrating to reach the airport and first wait for more travelers on other planes to start your trip to Kampala or other areas.

This is common with shuttle buses. Some passengers find when it has already left yet they booked, especially when there is a delay at the clearing customs.

To avoid all that confusion, don’t hesitate to arrange your travel with private agencies like Entebbe Airport taxi. They offer free waiting time.

Make sure to communicate and notify them in case of any delay or change of arrival time and date.

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