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Dangerous Places To Avoid While Touring Kampala City

Kampala is one of the major cities you should not ignore while on a city tour in East Africa. It’s the capital of Uganda and welcomes thousands of travelers from various corners of the World.

Located a few kilometers southwest of Entebbe airport, this spot delights travelers with its unending charms. Visit Kampala and soak up all that it has to offer.

It consists of numerous appealing draws, lively streets, and pretty accommodation facilities, serene gardens, captivating shopping centers, local markets, and posh eateries.

With our Kampala city guide, you can’t fail to explore this amazing place. A city tour is ever breathtaking.

You can choose to do it on your own or arrange with a local tour operator. Make sure to avoid these places below while touring the city. There are ever congested, and full of pickpocketers.

If you feel like you can’t ignore the places, make sure to visit them with a local person you know mainly to guide and provide you with security.

Arua Park

This is the main starting point for buses that transport passengers from the city to Arua in the northern region of Uganda. It is full of locals who carry out different businesses including food and soft drink vendors.

Kiseka Market

Located in downtown Kampala, this market is the hub for spare parts selling in Uganda. It comprises malls occupied by stores that vend spare parts for various types of cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

It houses mechanics and thieves who are ever there to grab people’s assets including phones, handbags, and wallets. They target even those passing with cars and fake nonexistent mechanic problems on the vehicles.

When you see a group of technicians dressed in overalls telling you to stop your car has a problem please don’t stop. Continue driving to avoid problems.

Mini Price Street

This street is between two shopping malls in downtown Kampala. It starts from the junction near Kajja shoe center and old taxi park and winds up to Arua Park.

Hidden spaces of Owino market

This is the biggest local market in Kampala. It consists of a thousand stalls that sell fresh agricultural products, shoes, clothes, and other merchandise.

It’s great for foodies who want to taste local food and as well meet with locals. Owino has open and hidden spaces.

Try not to pass through the dark areas except when you have a Ugandan guiding you around. Apart from that, it is not advised to move around Kampala at night for tourists.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife, please hire a special taxi to drive you to various spots of interest like Bars, cinema halls and more.

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