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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Gulu town

Road Traffic In Kampala

Kampala is the starting point for all routes that connect to other regions of Uganda. All those who enter Uganda through Entebbe Airport base from the capital and reach other areas by road transport or other means.

If you desire to dodge the capital, you can use air transport from the Kajjansi airstrip or enter the country from Rwanda via Katuna or Chanika border, Tanzania via Mutukura border, and DR Congo via the Mpondwe border.

Since most business activities take place in Kampala, it is not surprising that most of its routes are ever congested with cars.

Gulu townThousands of public taxis, buses, private cars and motorcycles enter the CBD daily from multiple areas. The huge road traffic in Kampala is common in the morning and evening hours.

If you plan to use one or two of Kampala’s busiest roads on any day, make sure to enjoy your ride in the afternoon, lunchtime or wake up early in the morning before 6:30 AM.

Moreover, the best time to drive in Kampala is dependent on other factors like weather conditions, events taking place and ongoing construction works.

For those on a city tour, try to visit all the touristy places in time and end it before 4:00 PM. Later on, drive out of the city before the confusion starts.

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