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Tips For a Successful Bus Trip from Kampala

Do you need cheap and comfortable transport from Kampala? Travel by bus is the best answer. Several travelers use this option to get to other areas of the country. You can also join the list.

It is possible even for travelers from abroad. From Entebbe international Airport, get a taxicab and connect direct to a bus station in the capital. Here are the tips for you to successfully reach your next destination.

Choose a good operator

There are many bus companies in Kampala and all offer the same service but what differs is the quality. Make sure to choose a good operator. Flexibility, support, good communication, great vehicles and favoring fares are some of the things which make up a perfect transport service provider.

Book in advance

Tickets are on high demand, therefore don’t delay to reserve one in advance. You can visit one of the offices in Kisenyi bus terminal or any other stand and buy your ticket before travel day and time. You usually present this card at the entry point when boarding.

Know your next destination

Be sure to know your next destination such that you book a ticket of the right route. If you are not sure, please ask the reservation agent and he or she will advise. Bus agencies in Kampala offer trips along various routes

Be at the Bus stand in time

Try hard and be at the bus stand in time such that you don’t miss your trip. Buses don’t wait for delayed passengers. Once the starting time reaches, it just continues with the journey. When you miss your trip, money is nonrefundable.

A Jacket & Scarf

Don’t forget to come with a jacket and scarf especially if you are traveling at night. Temperatures are usually very low at night. For longer journeys you can even enjoy your sleep along the way.

Travel at night

If you hate hot environments, a night bus trip is more perfect. During this period, the weather is cool and comforting. During daytime, there is too much sunshine. There is no way you can dodge warmth except when the vehicle is fully air conditioned.

Get a direct transfer up to the station.

If you have luggage and other belongings, make sure to get transport which can take you direct to the bus station. This can limit you from the thieves who stage along the streets in Kampala. A Boda Boda or special taxi are great. For those who are coming direct from the EBB airport, get a taxicab and travel safely.

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