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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Airport Taxi in Uganda

If you yearn for an Airport transfer from Entebbe to Kampala, Kasese, Gulu, Mukono, and other areas in Uganda, here are the major steps to follow. Enjoy a drive in a clean and comfortable car operated by a friendly and professional driver.

Inquire about the service

Send a message to ask anything you would like to know about Entebbe airport transfer. It includes the trip charges, cars used, how to pay, extra payments, how to identify the driver, and availability.

Reserve in advance

If the provided information meets your needs, please go on and confirm the booking for your airport transfer in advance. Try hard and make it two days to your arrival date for early arrangements.

Share your travel details.

Reveal all your travel details, including arrival date, flight time, number of passengers, and size of the luggage. The driver will wait for you based on the arrival date and time. Be keen and share correct credentials to avoid miscommunication.

Notify the operator

Before you board a flight to Entebbe Airport, be sure to send a message to the reservation agent to notify her or him that you are enroute. You can do this a day or hours before you depart from your home country. In case of any changes to the details, make sure to give an update. It may be a flight delay or cancellation.

Identify the Driver

When you move out of the arrival terminal, look at the people standing and select a raised placard that displays your name. Meet and share greetings. Then stroll towards the car in the parking. Put your luggage in the car trunk.

Make payments

After, pay the trip charge to the driver in cash. You can do it in dollars or Uganda shillings. For dollars, make sure to come with current notes starting from 2013. They must be in good condition with no stamps or writings.

Enjoy your ride

Once everything is done, then you are good to enjoy the ride up to your next destination in Kampala or any other region in the nation.

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