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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

Traveling By Plane to & from Entebbe Airport

Traveling to and from Entebbe Airport is a must if you want to access Uganda by air transport. EBB is first Uganda’s international aviation facility. It occupies a portion of land in the central region.

Entebbe Airport is active 24 hours. It welcomes and departs multiple flights of various airline companies per day, including cargo carriers. Here are the different steps to follow if you prefer to have a victorious trip.

Choose Travel Dates

You have to choose the travel dates depending on your schedule of the month, year or the main reason for your travel. If you prefer cheap ticket rates, traveling during the low season is a fantastic option. For those with an urgent need for the trip, there is no option. You have to travel in that period you get the chance.

Get the Visa

Every country requires international visitors to apply for a Visa. This card issues you entry permission. To avoid interference, be sure to ask for this document in advance. Some countries issue it on arrival but others do not.

Some airlines require you to be with it before you board. Do what’s right based on the travel destination and Airline Company. For Entebbe, all visitors are required to apply for the Visa in advance, at least a week before the travel date.

In the past, Visa issuance was possible on arrival, but the responsible authorities suspended it after the outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus. The main reason was to eliminate congestion at the immigration.

Book a Ticket

Through a booking agent, you can’t fail to get a ticket for your trip to Uganda. Several companies operate flights to Entebbe Airport daily.

These planes fly from Europe, America, Asia, and many countries in the African continent. Entebbe also departs flights back to these locations. If you want to save some money in your pocket, don’t wait to reserve a return ticket.

Reserve a Taxicab

After organizing transport from your home country, then you have to plan for a transfer from Entebbe Airport. Contact a taxi agency at EBB for your transportation to the next location in Uganda. This is the best option. It is cheap, quick, and offers privacy. You can use it for Airport pick up and drop off for your departure trip.

Travel Documents

Research and know all the travel documents needed for entry. For Uganda, you must come with a valid passport, Visa, Yellow fever card, and Covid-19 vaccination card. When coming from home or hotel, don’t forget these papers. They are the key to opening your door to Uganda.

Be at the Airport in Time

Keep time. If you fail to do it, then expect to miss your flight. Check-in is always 2 or 3 hours before your departure flight. Give yourself time such that you don’t panic or disrupt your travel itinerary. If you use routes with too much car traffic try to leave for the airport very early. It is always frustrating and brain disturbing to miss a flight.

Size of Luggage

Come only with the size of luggage accepted. If it exceeds the number of kilograms, you will leave part of it at the Airstrip. Pack light and leave some space in your suitcase for things you may buy as souvenirs. Don’t include illegal packages in your bag. These include drugs, unauthorized gadgets, and more.

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