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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Dubai International Airport

Flights to Entebbe International Airport

Situated near Lake Victoria, EBB is the entry point for travelers who access Uganda by air transport. If you are traveling to Uganda for a holiday, studies, or business you cannot fail to get a ticket.

Several airline companies operate direct and transit flights to Entebbe Airport. Be sure to reserve your ticket in advance, especially during the peak season. There is a possibility of even getting discounted rates.

Tickets of all classes are available for economy, business, and luxury travelers. The great connectivity between these airlines helps thousands of travelers to travel from various areas around the world and reach EBB Airport safely. You can choose one of the operators below based on your home country. They all offer great trips to EBB International Airport.

Major Airline Operators


This is one of the largest airlines in the world. It partners with different world’s prominent companies including football clubs like Arsenal in England, Real Madrid in Spain, PSG in France, Benfica in Portugal, and more. Emirates bases at Dubai International Airport and operates flights to a wealth of destinations including Uganda in the eastern part of Africa.


Uganda Airlines

This is the flag carrier of Uganda. It currently flies planes to and from 12 countries including South Africa and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It is currently only offering trips to some countries in the African continent. Besides the ones mentioned above, the other nations are Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Brussels Airlines

One of the best airlines for travelers from Europe is Brussels, the national carrier of Belgium. Headquartered at Brussels Airport, this agency transports passengers to over one hundred destinations on three continents (Africa, North America, and Europe).

This air operator is loved for its unmatched services. Its tickets are in high demand, therefore make sure to book one in advance.


Qatar Airways

With its main home in Doha, this agency operates flights not only to the Middle East but also to nations on other continents. It covers 13 countries in the Americas, 36 in Europe, 23 in Africa, 19 in the Middle East, and 28 in Asia.

Don’t wait to visit their website and get good deals on flights to Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport. Qatar Airways provides both direct trips from Doha and connecting flights from nations like Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and more.



This is a great choice if you need a trip to or from East Africa, West Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Central Africa, and Southern Africa. It operates multiple direct and transit flights from Kigali International Airport, its major base. This airline is the flag carrier and is owned by the government of Uganda.


Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is the largest mainline carrier in the world by the number of passengers. It starts from Istanbul, Turkey, and flies planes to 315 remarkable destinations in the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia. It caters to both budget and luxury travelers. Most travelers define it a great option if you fancy better deals on economy and business tickets.


Kenya Airways

Founded in 1977, Kenya Airways is the national carrier of Kenya. If you need to enjoy a trip to one of the destinations in Africa, America, Europe, and Asia, be sure to look no further than KQ. Its offices are situated in Nairobi and carry out most of its aviation works at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.


Ethiopian Airlines

Another best agency to engage for your Uganda trip is Ethiopian Airlines. It seats in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. This state-owned agency offers weekly flights to Entebbe Airport.



For travelers from the Netherlands or who are connecting to Amsterdam for a continuous journey to Uganda, KLM is the number one answer for you. It transports passengers from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to EBB or EBB to other destinations like Berlin, Boston, London, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, and Washington DC.


British Airways

Are you traveling from the United Kingdom to Uganda? British Airways remains the best option for your trip. With its main hub at Heathrow Airport, BA is the second-largest UK-based carrier. It combines with other notable airline companies and transports passengers from different continents to Uganda, the pearl of Africa.



Etihad Airways has its main office in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. It commenced its operations in 2003 and operates from Abu Dhabi International Airport. This agency is the second-largest airline in the United Arab Emirates. It is known more to the public as the main sponsor for Man City, a famed football club in the English premier league.


Air India

This is for those who travel from India to Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport. It is headquartered in New Delhi. It is available for both direct flights from India and connecting flights.


Air France

Air France is the flag carrier of France. It operated weekly connecting trips to and from Entebbe International Airport. It also starts from Paris and Toulouse to connect travelers with other destinations.


Air Canada

Based in Montreal, Air Canada came into existence in 1937. It provides scheduled and charter flights to 207 destinations in various corners of the world. Reach their desk for better deals on tickets for your trip to Uganda.

Apart from the above-mentioned agencies, there are other destination operators like Air Arabia, Airlink, Saudia, Fly Dubai, Kuwait Airways, United Airlines, Iberia, LATAM Airlines, Air Tanzania, to mention but a few.

Price of a Flight ticket to EBB

The cost of a flight ticket to Entebbe Airport depends on the trip, departure destination, class, and travel season. They are usually cheap in the low season. During this period, there are few travelers and low demand for the service.

Operators give lower rates to attract customers. The appearance of peak and low seasons depends on the country you are visiting. For Uganda, the low season is from March to May and September to November. That’s the best time for cheap flights to Entebbe Airport.

How to Book a Flight ticket

Several operators provide trips to Uganda. If you are not sure of whom to choose, don’t delay to try Emirates, Qatar, Brussels, KLM, Kenya Airways, Turkish and Ethiopian Airlines. Visit their websites and check availability on the respective dates you prefer. You will as well see the rates.

Getting from Entebbe Airport

When you land at the Entebbe Airport, you have to clear at the customs. Don’t forget to come with the mandatory travel documents. After, you are free to transfer to your next destination. The nearest city is Kampala, and it’s the capital. Travelers use Airport taxis to reach this lively spot.

Kampala has multiple accommodation facilities, eateries, commercial buildings, financial outlets, and other essential services you may need.

Before you board a plane for your trip to Uganda, don’t forget to reserve a hotel room for a night’s stay in Kampala. There are facilities of all categories starting from budget to luxury.