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10 Things to Know about Uganda’s Air Transport

Uganda welcomes thousands of travelers from other areas of the World per year. One of the reasons is its favorable air transport system.

Many people from various continents like Europe, Asia, and the United States of America visit Uganda for different businesses. Some come in as tourists, expatriates, students, investors, researchers, donors, and others as volunteers.

Since air travel is not only the fastest but also the best way to get there, we have detailed all important information that’s good to know.

How many airports

Currently, the pearl of Africa has only one international aviation ground named Entebbe Airport. It is located about 45 kilometers from Kampala, the country’s capital. Trippers get from this facility by a Cab.

Apart from that, there are other landing spaces (airstrips) in various regions of the nation. These include Kajjansi airfield, Kisoro airstrip, Pakuba, Kihihi, Apoka airstrip to name but a few.

Flights received

Ebb airport receives several international flights from various corners of the world.

These flights are operated by many international airline companies including Ethiopian Airlines, Rwandair, Kenya Airways, KLM, Qatar Airways, Fly Emirates, Etihad Airways, and more.

What’s their National Carrier?

Besides the foreign operators, Uganda has its national carrier named Uganda Airlines. It resumed its operations after receiving notable planes in 2020 procured from France. Their fleet includes four bombardiers and two airbuses.

Thing’s required for entry

To be issued with entry permission to Uganda, you must have a negative PCR Covid test made within 72hours of arrival, a valid passport, yellow fever vaccination card, and a Visa.

How to book flight tickets

Multiple airline companies have online platforms that provide options for ticket booking. If not that you can visit their offices or reserve through a booking agent.

Range of flight rates.

The charges for the flight tickets depend on the length of the Journey. The shortest journey is Entebbe to Kigali in Rwanda.

Do they operate domestic flights?

Yes, numerous aviation companies offer domestic flights for those who need to travel around Uganda by plane. One of them is Aero link Uganda. It conducts scheduled trips to Western Uganda, the Northern and Eastern regions.

It is mostly used by tourists who visit National Parks like Bwindi, Mgahinga, Queen, and Murchison in the western region and Kidepo in the northern area.

Who manages the aviation service in Uganda?

It is managed by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority. This organization manages and monitors all works going on at the ebb airport.

It also drafts the monthly flight timetable which indicates all the flights received and departed to other countries abroad.

Are there direct flights to other continents?

Most flights from Entebbe airport head to Kigali where they connect to other areas around the globe.

There are a few companies that offer direct journeys to other continents. Uganda Airlines is soon starting direct trips to China, Dubai, and London.

Is transport for Passengers or Cargo?

Uganda’s air travel system provides transportation for both passengers and Cargo.

The construction of a public free zone near ebb airstrip is meant to create more space for Cargo exports and imports. This will boost the country’s trade connection with other dealers abroad.

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