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UAE Suspends Second Covid-19 PCR Test For Uganda Travelers

It is declared by Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) that from January 29, 2022, the passengers traveling from Uganda to Dubai won’t need to undertake a second Covid-19 PCR test within six hours before departure.

Vianney Luggya, the UCAA Manager of Public Affairs claimed that the two tests have been so expensive and disturbing to travelers. It even led to a reduction in the number of trippers from Uganda to the UAE.

UAE Authorities have updated their travel restrictions and now require only one PCR test undertaken within 48 hours from a laboratory that is approved by the Ministry of Health. It comes with convenience for the tourers.

The two tests required passengers to arrive at the airport six hours before the flight to do a second test in time.

Before the new guidelines, trippers from Uganda to Dubai used to undergo two Covid-19 PCR tests. One was taken within 48 hours and the second one within 6 hours before departure time. The main aim for this was to avoid visitors who come in with fake Covid-19 certificates.

The departing travelers used to pay about 250, 000 shillings for the second six-hour PCR test done at Peniel beach hotel or any other laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health.

The suspension of this directive is good news for air travelers and operators who offer flights from Entebbe international airport to airports in Dubai. The list of happy aviation companies includes Emirates, Fly Dubai, Uganda Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, and a lot more.

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