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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe Town

8 Things To See & Do in Entebbe

Located a few kilometers from the airport, Entebbe town is amongst Uganda’s most enchanting tourist places. It has a myriad of things to appreciate. If you fancy a glimpse of its unending charms, make sure to include these activities below on your wish list.

Visit Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary

If you love primates, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is a place for you.

It is located on an island that is part of Koome group of islands. This protected area was established mainly to provide a home to the rescued and orphaned chimpanzee primates.

It is currently home to over 49 chimpanzee primates.

You can usually get there by boat cruise and visitor engage in multiple activities including chimpanzee feeding, car giving, food collection and bird watching.

Go Shopping

With its different shopping points and outlets, there is no way you can eliminate Entebbe among top shopping destinations in Uganda. It consists of local markets, craft shops and malls where you can grab best deals on goods.

If you want fresh local food, then see your way to the local market. For clothes, sportswear, electronics, packed food and more, don’t hesitate to visit some malls like Victoria mall.

Beach hopping

Entebbe is a paradise for beach-goers. Since it lies along the shores of Lake Victoria, it is no wonder that this town is dotted by multiple pristine beaches with fine sands.

For a crowd-free beach experience consider visiting during weekdays because these lakeside spaces are usually flooded by locals over the weekends.

Some of the beaches for tourists include Aero beach, white sands beach, Spenar beach to name but a few.

Visit UWEC

UWEC (Uganda Wildlife Education Centre) is the only zoo in Uganda.

It is perfect for those who are after Wildlife. This protected area is home to all Uganda’s Wildlife species including the African big fives.

There are all protected in cages and guides are always available to take you for a guided tour at affordable costs.

Bird Watching in the Botanical gardens

If birds are one of the species that can impress, don’t miss to visit the botanical gardens.

This protected area is huge and occupied by rain-forests and grasslands that invite many bird species. The entry cost for this place is about ten dollars for foreigners and one dollar for locals.

Leisurely Walks

If not bird watching, beach hooping or shopping, you can partake leisurely evening walks along streets in Entebbe town. This activity is good for your health and also exposes to numerous hidden sports.

Boat Cruise.

Since most parts of the town border the shores of Lake Victoria, a boat cruise is no dought.

Several cruises are offered along the waters of Lake Victoria and offer endless views of aquatic species like crocodiles and lakeside scenery.

Play Golf.

For golfers, Entebbe town has one golf playground. During the day you can reach it out for great experiences and as well enjoy the tranquil atmosphere that surrounds it.

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