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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

Things Required After Reopening of Entebbe Airport

As work resumes at Entebbe International Airport on October 1, expect to find a changing environment. Not like it was before the coronavirus pandemic.

This is majorly meant to ensure that the ministry of health guidelines are followed. Entebbe airport has been closed for five months since March.

The decision to shut down this gateway to Uganda came after the first positive COVID-19 virus case was confirmed in the country.

A Ugandan citizen who tested positive was a businessman from Dubai and this put the all country on tension.

The president of Uganda decided not only to lock the airport but also ordered for a total lock-down and everyone was advised to stay at home.

The only sector that remained working was that of health, construction and part of agriculture (mainly food suppliers). The closing of the airport was abrupt and left both foreigners in Uganda and Ugandans abroad just stuck.

Transportation was also stopped and only cars with valid stickers from the ministry of health were allowed on road.

In June, the government started lifting the lock-down on some sectors like public transport, shopping malls, saloons and construction.

All country is resuming to normal and a few sectors that include education, entertainment, tourism, and airport and border districts are still locked. Very soon everything will be operating.

The airport is expected to start receiving international flights on October 1. Before you book for your flight to Entebbe get to know about these things that will be required.

Travel documents. To be issued with entry permission to the country, you must present the required documents.

These include a valid passport, visa and a yellow fever vaccination card. A passport is considered to be valid in Uganda when it is still six months to its expiration date.

Just know that once you appear to the airport without one of these documents you won’t be allowed to the country.

COVID-19 test Certificate. After the pandemic, this document added to the major requirements to be presented by any traveler entering another country.

This is ensured to prevent the widespread of this Virus from one destination to another.

All travelers are advised to first do the Covid-19 testing and self-isolate as you prepare for your holidays. The certificate should indicate that the tests were made within 72 hours of arrival.

Ensure MOH Guidelines.  All passengers and flight companies are required to follow the ministry of health guidelines.

These directions include social distancing, wear a face mask, sanitizing and hand washing.

Automatic hand sanitizers and water taps are installed in every corner of the airport to ensure that all visitors do it as it’s required.

Airlines must follow this. All companies that will resume their transportation services to Entebbe are advised not to allow passengers with symptoms of COVID-19 on board.

Social distancing is a must and each plane must have temperature guns and automatic hand sanitizers. All passengers must put on face masks.

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Covid-19 Guidelines Entebbe Airport