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Nigeria Denies Entry to Airlines from Eight Countries

This comes a day after Nigeria resumed its international flights to Murtala Muhammed International Airport. Airlines from eight countries are denied entry to the country and these include Air France, Lufthansa, LKM Royal Dutch, RwandAir, Air Namibia, Royal Air Maroc, TAAG Angola and Etihad Airways.

One of the reasons for denial of entry permission is because these airlines are from countries that banned Nigerians with tourist visas. The airlines under this category are Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, KLM Royal Dutch and Air France.

The minister of Aviation highlighted about this that Nigeria will bar all nationals and airlines of countries that don’t allow Nigerians to enter their boundaries.

For now, only 14 airlines are given the green light to offer air transportation services to the country. These include Delta Airlines, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, British Airways, Middle-East Airlines, Air Peace, Virgin Atlantic, Asky, Egypt Air, Kenya Airways, Turkish Airlines and the Fly Emirates.

Reopening of Abuja and Lagos Airports was announced on Saturday by Sirika, the Minister of Aviation. There are now ready to welcome international flights from different parts of the World.

Strict measures are put in place for all passengers and airlines wishing to enter Nigeria. All passengers are required to come with a certificate of COVID-19 test done four days or more before your departure flight. Once you get to the airport, be ready for another test.

Airlines are also advised not to allow passengers with symptoms of COVID-19 on board. Failure to ensure this, the airline will be subjected a fine of USD 3500 and requested to return the infected passenger to their country of departure.

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