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How to Protect Your Self from Covid-19 at Ebb Airport

When you talk about COVID-19 or if there is anyone infected with it, you will just see everyone distancing him or herself from the crowd.

COVID-19, a terrible disease caused by the infectious corona-virus was declared in 2019 in China’s Wuhan town. Later it spread to different parts of the World due to the movement of people.

From China, it spread to other Asian countries like South Korea, Iran, Vietnam and Japan. It further continued to Europe, Africa and America where it killed thousands of people.

The widely affected countries included Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, the United States of America, Russia, France and more.

It is silent but dangerous. This Virus spread from one to another. Its gestation period is between two to fourteen days.

It passes through the nose, mouth and eyes after getting in touch with infected surfaces or coughs from the infected persons and sneezing.

It is believed to spend some hours on the surface like six to eight hours after dropping. Once it enters, this Virus destroys the human respiratory system, including the lungs and heart.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include; running nose, fever and difficulty in breathing, sore throat, dry coughs along with body weakness.

So if you discover one of them or more endeavor to see a doctor for a checkup. Below are the ways you can protect yourself from contracting this Virus

  • Wear Face masks
  • Wash your hands with soap regularly
  • Avoid being in the crowds
  • Distance yourself from anyone one coughing or with flu
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Wear gloves and avoid touching surfaces.

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Covid-19 Guidelines Entebbe Airport