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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

Entebbe Airport Disinfected to Kill Corona-virus

Ebb Airport is the international Airport and only plane landing space in Uganda. After confirming that most of the Corona-virus cases were imported from diverse parts of the world like Dubai, UK and United States of America.

The responsible Authority has decided to disinfect the already shut down Entebbe International Airport for one week. This is meant to kill all the Corona-viruses that cause dangerous COVID-19.

This disease has spread almost to every country in the World, and it is putting everyone on panic. Thousands of people are dying, thus living everyone worried about it.

Most countries, including Uganda, are on lock-down for some weeks. This is majorly placing down the World economy, and people are suffering.

No flight is allowed to land at Entebbe Airport except those for cargo and emergency flights. So they have decided to disinfect it such that it is open back to work when it is Virus-free.

No one knows when it will end because even its vaccine is expected to be on market in 2021 “according to researchers”. It started in China’s Wuhan city in 2019 to Europe and now to all continents.

The mass spread is caused by the movement of people from one country to another. That is why most countries have decided to close their borders until further notice.

No one ever imagined that all sporting events including the notable football leagues in Spain, Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom would stop for some months. The outbreak of COVID-19 is turning it to be.

With this disease no one is on the safe side, everyone is shaking, and asking the question “what next”. It left even big countries like the United States of America in a state of fear – just asking help from other countries like China, Russia and more.

Currently, the United States of America is recorded with the highest numbers of active cases, followed by Italy, Spain, Iran and Germany. It had fewer death rates, but there are increasing day by day.

The disease is real and dangerous. Therefore everybody is backed by the World Health Organization to prevent it. Wash your hands with soap regularly, avoid crowds, don’t touch in your face, and distance yourself from someone with a cough.

This will limit on the widespread thus resuming work at the Airport. If you wish to visit Uganda after COVID-19 pandemic don’t hesitate to contact Airport Taxi Services in Uganda for authentic transfers.

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