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Masaka City – Things To See & Do, Hotels

Masaka town is located in the central part of Uganda along Kampala – Masaka – Mbarara road. It is one of Uganda’s major cities and a prominent region for Buganda kingdom. It is somehow isolated from Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

The biggest populations of people in Masaka town are Baganda who practice agriculture and other activities.

Masaka as a district is one of the regions that supply fresh food like Matooke, Cassava, Potatoes and more to people who live in the suburbs of Kampala city.

Masaka town is a business area and once you get there, you are always welcomed by many buildings that are occupied by shops and stores of different goods including agricultural produces.

How to Get There & Around

Hundreds of buses and taxis leave Kampala to Masaka town everyday. You can use one of them and the prices are just affordable. These means are just ideal for locals, but for foreign travelers, if you can manage packing up with locals then you are good to go.

If you are a person who prefers to use private means, you can hire a car or book a shuttle from Entebbe Airport. The drive from Kampala to Masaka takes about 4-5 hours in a private vehicle including a stopover at the equator. For public means, it may be more when compared since these people go on stopping over along the way.

Where to stay in Masaka.

For those wishing for a night stay in Masaka, there are many lodges and hotels just reserved for you. These properties are equipped and meant to offer complacent services to all visitors. Some of the accommodation facilities available are Hotel Brovad, Maple leaf hotel, Vienna golden hotel, and more

What to Do in Masaka.

For tourists, there is nothing much to do in Masaka but you can base from here and visit other exciting places like National Parks in Western Uganda.

Some of these parks are Bwindi Impenetrable, Mgahinga, Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Park. Additionally from Masaka town, you can connect to Tanzania via Mutukura border.

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