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Kisoro Town – Where To Stay & Things To Do

Nestled amid rolling hills of Kigezi region, Kisoro is a favorite town for visitors to western Uganda especially those who are after Gorilla trek in Mgahinga or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

It consists of different tribes including the Bakiga, Banyankole, Bakonjo and the Batwa. During the rainy season this town is very cold, so don’t forget to pack yourself a jacket or jumper. Kisoro town usually tempts tourists with its setting and surrounding scenery that include towering volcanoes and rolling hills.

How to get there.

You can get to Kisoro by public means and many buses leave Kampala daily to Kisoro in western Uganda. It is advised to book for your bus ticket in advance. Tourists can use public means although it is time wasting and to some extent insecure.

If you are a tourist who would wish to get from Kampala to Kisoro, why not use the private means. You can hire a car with a driver or get an airport cab from Entebbe.

Private means are not only time saving, but also secure and convenient. The drive from Kampala to Kisoro may take you some 7-8 hours depending on speed used and stopovers included.

Where to Stay in Kisoro.

This town is small but fully packed with many lodges and hotels for visitors to stay on their holidays in Western Uganda. Most of these properties are girdled by stunning scenery and endless views of towering volcanoes. The list includes Kisoro tourist hotel, Travellers rest hotel, Muhabura motel, Ikoro hotel, Mondi lodge, Mutanda lake resort and more.

Day Tours From Kisoro.

Since Kisoro is located just close to Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Gorilla trek is the main day tour to take from here. Gorilla trekking is one of the reasons for most safaris to Uganda.

This excursion awards tourists a grand opportunity to meet the rarely seen species of Gorillas in their natural habitats.

It is a one day adventure which requires a permit and physical fitness for any participant. The permit costs 700 USD per person and is valid for use by one person on the respective travel dates. You can also visit lake Bunyonyi for boat cruise.

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