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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

Gov’t Planning To Re-Open Entebbe Airport

As the country continues to battle with the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, the government of Uganda is planning to reopen Entebbe International Airport to commercial and other flights from different parts of the World.

Several standard operating procedures to be followed by travelers were developed by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority. As per now, these procedures are still discussed by the Covid-19 task-force. Reopening of Entebbe Airport is expected any time after the operating procedures are approved.

The setting of arrival and departure space is expected to be reset. The new normal will require installation of automated sanitizers at the airport’s different points, acquire temperature guns, and mark the airport to ensure social distancing and the ultra-modern scans that detect the temperature at a 30-meter distance.

Other measures will require all travelers to arrive early, maintain social distancing, hand washing, use sanitizers, wear face masks and go through the protracted slow check-in process.

In the interview “Mr Vianney Luggya” the UCAA spokesperson said, “We have shared our developed SOPs with the Ministry of Health, therefore we expect to open the airport after the final stages of engagement with the key stakeholders and once these SOPs are approved”.

Dr Diana Atwine, the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health added on that the measures are still being studied by a prominent team of scientists that advise the government on the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Covid-19 Guidelines Entebbe Airport