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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

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How To Get From Entebbe Airport Safely

Once you arrive at Entebbe airport the next step is to get a ride from this facility to your next destination. This aviation area is about 47 km from Kampala. It receives many travelers from different parts of the world daily.

There are various options passengers use to reach their homes, tourist places, hotels, or meeting points. One of them is to travel by airport cab.

This is the most preferred and reasons are many that travelers like it.  Highlighted below are some of the great tips on how to get from EBB airport safely.

Choose the Best Mean

If you want something that is not only cheap but also flexible, fast, and private, no option is better than a taxicab. With this option, expect to be waited by the driver at no cost.

When you get to the arrival space just look out for your names. You share greetings and embark on the journey.

Know the Fares

The rates for an airport taxi from Entebbe depend on the number of kilometers for your Journey. Entebbe to Kampala trip costs not more than 40 USD. For those who go beyond the city, you will pay not less than 50 USD.

It is good to inquire with the reservation agent and know the exact amount for your ride. The quotation includes the driver allowances, car maintenance fee, and fuel and office surcharge.

Make arrangements in advance

Try hard to inquire and do the confirmation in advance such that your transfer is catered for in time. Avoid last-minute orders because you will be disappointed.

Share correct Dates and Time

After confirming make sure to share the correct arrival date and time with the operator. Be keen on the flight time to avoid miscommunication. Especially AM and PM confuses most travelers.

Another thing required is the drop-off point. Some clients tend to indicate the town centers as the endpoint and you reach there when it needs to drive for more kilometers to the exact village or trading center.

Communicate with your Handler

Be sure to keep in touch with the ground handler and give them updates in case there is any change on your arrival time or pick-up date.

Some clients keep quiet and do not notify their handlers about the changes. You find a case where a driver waits for the client yet his or her flight is altered.

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