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The constant increase in Uganda’s fuel prices is worrying to everyone including passengers. The crisis started in the month of December 2021. As I talk, the situation is just worsening. A liter of petrol which used to cost about 4000 Uganda shillings is now at 5000 shillings.

The rate depends on the area and operator. Within Kampala, the price range is between 5000 – 8000 shillings. Some fuel stations upcountry charge motorists 10,000 shillings for a liter of gasoline. Some gas stations decided to suspend operations due to lack of fuel.

For a normal person, you may ask, what is the cause? This question is hard to answer but some are claiming that the strike of truck drivers at the Malaba border is the main cause. Some of the trucks lining at the border on the Kenyan side were transporting fuel from Kenya to Uganda.

The main reason for this strike was the unnecessary Covid-19 tests put up by the government of Uganda. These drivers are required to test from Kenya and again do another PCR test at the Malaba border at 30 USD per person.

This seemed not to be pocket-friendly to the truck operators. The government of Uganda is working on this issue and it is expected to be resolved soon. Right now the ministry of health decided to test all drivers at a free cost.

Transport operators including EBB airport transfer agencies and bus drivers are planning to increase the fares.  Here is the statement from their leader “We suggest increasing the fares for transport from Entebbe airport. Fuel rates are increasing, but passengers want to pay the usual cost for trips. We can’t work in losses.”

The normal charge for Entebbe airport to Kampala trip is between 120,000 – 140,000 Uganda shillings depending on the location. Operators are planning to add on 10,000 or 20,000 if the fuel crisis in Uganda persists.

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