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Ethiopian Airlines to Start Cargo Flights to Mwanza

From September 9, 2020, Ethiopian Airlines will start cargo flight service to Mwanza. This transportation service has been in place but only offered by Rwandair, a national carrier for Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills.

The launch date was announced on their twitter account and this will add to the existing passenger flights to deliver service to other parts of Tanzania. This flight service to Mwanza is meant to transport cargo including fish from Mwanza airport to Europe as Rwandair has been doing it.

This comes a week after this airline with two other international flight companies (KLM and Qatar Airways) decided to increase their flights to Julius Nyerere International Airport. Ethiopian Airlines increased from four to fourteen flights landing per week, Qatar Airways from 2 to 14 and KLM from one to four.

Amongst the East African countries, Tanzania was the first to open its airspace followed by Kenya and Rwanda who freed their skies on August 1 2020. Reports show that Uganda, the pearl of Africa will re-open Entebbe airport and its borders on October 1.

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