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5 Myths About Airport Taxi In Entebbe

Do you need to take a taxi from Entebbe airport? There are many agencies to contact for this service. One of them is Entebbe Airport Transfer.

It transports several passengers who are traveling to various parts of the country. Many visitors to Uganda prefer it to other means. Before you choose to enjoy this option, be sure to know about these five myths said about it.

Rates are constant.

Since the pricing depends on fuel costs and other facilities included, it is hard for the taxicab charges to be fixed. Price variation occurs every year.

Some online platforms like Airmundo, Numbeo, and lonely planet forums still list old fares. Therefore make sure to check for the current cost for airport taxi from Entebbe.


Amongst the means used to get from the ebb airfield, this is the most secure. Friendly local drivers operate the taxis.

Besides that, this option is good for those who love to travel privately. You are free to make the payment before starting the journey or after.

Time taken

Google indicates the specific time taken to relocate from one point to another, but you should never depend on this.

Traffic along the way determines the hours for the trip. Sometimes paths like Entebbe to Kampala are congested with cars, especially in the morning and evening time. Therefore don’t be surprised when you take five hours for the 1-2 hours distance.


Adding to privacy, flexibility, and time management, transfer by taxicab is cheap. This is why most travelers like it.

Last-minute booking is applicable

On a lucky day, last-minute booking can work for you, but it is not recommended. This transport service is in high demand. So it’s better to make an order in advance. The driver will wait for you on arrival.

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