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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

5 Reasons Why Bus Airport Shuttle from Entebbe Collapsed

An airport shuttle is a bus or van that transfers a group of travelers from the airport’s parking yard to another location.

They have specific pick-up and drop-off points. The one from Entebbe used to convey passengers up to Garden city and vice versa.

Limited drop-off destinations.

Shuttle buses usually have one point for off-loading. It is not like taxis that transport clients up to their exact locations. Shuttles take you up to somewhere and get another mean up to your address.

Scheduled trips.

This mode of transport offers scheduled journeys. This makes it hard for people to match their travel time with these offered trips. Therefore it is not hard to understand why visitors to Uganda ignore it and choose a private cab

No privacy.

This is a shared service. It welcomes all customers who need to shift from the airfield. So it wasn’t appropriate for those who fancy privacy.

No Door to door Service.

If you need direct transportation, a bus shuttle isn’t the best option for you. A private taxicab is ideal and fantastic.

It wasn’t flexible.

Since their operations are scheduled don’t expect a shuttle bus to wait for you in case of any delay at the clearing customs or flight problems.

Now, what can I Use?

Right now an airport taxi is the best way to get from Entebbe airport. Book with reputable agencies for great offers.

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