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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Airport Taxi in Uganda

10 Tips For A Successful Airport Pick-up From Entebbe

There are multiple things to put into consideration before you take a flight to Uganda. One of them is an airport transfer from Entebbe.

It includes the use of a Taxicab to relocate from the airfield’s parking lot to your next locality. This may be a residential home, office, friend’s place, or tourist spot. If you need a successful pick-up from Entebbe airport, here are some of the steps to follow.

Confirm your travel dates.

This is the first thing on the list because you can’t book flight tickets when you are not sure of the dates for your trip.

Decide first.

Limit yourself from hesitation. Make sure to start your journey when you are 100 percent decided on what means to use for your trip from the ebb airstrip to Jinja or other areas in the country.

Make a Survey.

Try to search about various companies that offer taxi services in Uganda. Check on the internet. There are many and offer transportation at reasonable rates.

Choose a reputable agency.

The internet lists many Uganda taxi agencies. Be sure to choose the one which is genuine and affordable. If you are not sure, one of them is Entebbe Airport Express.

Ask for Terms & Conditions

Inquire with them about their terms and things required for the transfer. The reservation agent is online to give prompt responses and answer all your questions. Don’t wait to send a message.

Book in advance

If you agree with the charges and all things needed. Then you have no reason why you shouldn’t reserve in advance. This leads to proper arrangements and assures them of your interest in the service.

Keep communicating

Don’t sit back and relax. Try to check on the service provider before your travel dates such that everything is set. This also avoids frustration. In case of any change in your flight or traveling dates don’t wait to submit a notification about this.

Share your arrival date & time

This enables you to connect with the person who picks you. Share all the details in time. On arrival, the driver will welcome you. Greet each other and embark on a journey to your next stop.

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