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Transport To Kasese, Rwenzori Mountain Hike

Located in western Uganda near Kasese town, Mountain Rwenzori National Park is home to the third highest mountain in Africa and many other sceneries like waterfalls, glaciers, and lakes.

This protected area also impresses visitors with its wild animals, birds, and beautiful plant life. Several adventurers visit Uganda for many reasons. One of them is the jaw-dropping Rwenzori Mountain hiking experience.

Transport from Kampala or EBB

Do you need transport from Kampala or Entebbe Airport for a trip to Kasese for your climbing expedition in the Rwenzori Mountains? Here are the various options.

Travelers use public means, private car or air travel. In Kampala, there are bus operators who offer scheduled trips to Kasese. Visit one of the Bus stations in the city and board a bus.

The drive requires about 6-7 hours depending on the speed used or traffic along the way.  This option is cheap, but not quick. These buses go on loading and offloading along the way.

For those who don’t like shared transport, a private car is the best. Get in touch with an operator. Enjoy a ride from EBB Airport, Kampala or other location to Kasese at favoring rates. It is quick, comfortable, and safe. Don’t wait to reserve one.

There is no need for you to hustle as you access the boarding point. The private car will come for you right at your exact location. You can book a one-way or return trip. We can drop you there, participate in the hiking excursions, and then we come for you once you are done.

For travelers who get irritated with long-distance drive, Aerolink is available to serve. It offers scheduled flights from Entebbe to an Airstrip in Kasese. You can as well order a chartered flight at an extra cost.

How long does it take to Climb Rwenzori?

Getting to the top of Mountain Rwenzori is strenuous, but one of the most rewarding if you reach there. For this adventure, you must be physically fit. If you happen to have some health problems like heart attack, Asthma, high blood pressure, and more, don’t risk your life. It is better you distance yourself from this expedition.

The number of days depends on which trail you take and where you would like to reach. They range from 5 to 10 days. The 10-day trek grants you an opportunity to reach the four peaks (Margherita, Baker, Speke, and Weismann’s peak). For more information, don’t wait to check with Rwenzori trekking services.

The cost to hike Mountain Rwenzori

The price for Mountain Ruwenzori hiking depends on the number of days. For a 10 day experience, you pay between 1660 – 1750 USD if it’s one or two persons and 1580 – 1680 USD for 3 or more people plus the gate entrance fee of 35 USD per day.

This rate includes porters, accommodation during the hike, and food. The entry fee is paid separately and in cash.