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White Water Rafting in Jinja

Unending Charms at Nile River Explorers Camp, Jinja

Located along the shores of Lake Victoria, Nile River explorers’ camp is one of the many reasons for a trip to Jinja. The place is spacious, quiet and filled with fresh air. Therefore, it is not a surprise that many travelers choose it as the best place to escape the hustles in cities like Jinja, Kampala, Mbale and more.

The camp has a wealth of incredible activities that can’t leave you bored for a single second. Moreover, this spot satisfies visitors with unending breathtaking views of the Nile and surrounding landscapes.


The camp hides in Bujagali near the former Bujagali falls. It is about 8 kilometers from Jinja town. It is surrounded by private land owned by locals. As you head there, you won’t fail to appreciate views of banana plantations, trees, farmlands and smiling locals who stay in roadside towns. From this camp, you can as well visit the nearby cascading Busowoko falls.

Nile River Explorers Camp

How to Get there

A drive from Entebbe to Jinja is an amazing experience. From Kampala by private or public transport you go up to the Nile Bridge. After crossing the bridge, you find a roundabout with three routes, one heading to Jinja town, Malaba and the other to Bujagali.

Turn left and follow the one that heads to Bujagali. You drive for 6 kilometers and find a sign post labelled “Nile River Explorers”. Turn to the left and follow the route until you find the red gate with the name mentioned above. For a person coming from the Airport, it is better to get EBB Taxicab and travel direct to the camp.

From Kenya, get a bus and travel up to Jinja. Once in Jinja, you can use a Boda or special taxi and reach the camp without hustle.

Top Activities

Once at the camp you engage in multiple thrilling activities like boat cruise on the waters of Lake Victoria, Water sliding, tubing the Nile, Kayaking, white water rafting and quad biking. For those who love bungee jumping, the camp can arrange for you and enjoy the adventure at Bungee Uganda. Zip lining is in Mabira forest.

Tubing the Nile


Nile River Explorers has good accommodation for all travelers. There are dormitories for budget travelers, and permanently installed tents for mid-range and luxury visitors. The dormitories are not self-contained and have two decker beds. Each decker accommodates three people. The tents are private and not shared.

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