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White Water Rafting in Jinja

What to Do & See in Jinja – Visit the source of the Nile

To have a beautiful holiday in Uganda be sure to start with Jinja. The list below includes things to do and see while in this great hub of unusual draws.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting in JinjaIf you are an adrenaline lover, Jinja has something for you and this is White Water Rafting. It is offered along the waters of River Nile starting from Kangulumira.

In the past two expeditions (Half and Full day) were offered, but after the construction Bujjagali falls, adventurers are allowed to do a half-day experience. This excursion starts in the morning and lasts up to the afternoon for USD 125 per person.

Boat Cruise

Some parts of Jinja share borders with the shores of Lake Victoria, therefore boat cruise is easy and a must for those who would wish to take in the town’s splendour and lakeside scenery from the waters.

Cruises are offered daily at affordable prices and all clients are advised to put on safety gears like Life jackets.

Zip-lining in Mabira Forest

Other than White Water Rafting, you can try Zip-lining in Mabira if you feel an adventure in you. Zip-lining grants opportunities to take in the picturesque landscapes from the ropes and as well feel the calm atmosphere just above the forest canopies.

Visit the Source of the Nile

River Nile is one the longest Rivers in Africa and meanders through some countries including Egypt. Have you have got a chance to visit its source? If not, don’t leave Jinja stepping to the exact location of its source. This is a great experience not to miss once you are in Uganda.

Visit the Local Market.

Ugandan locals are welcoming and one of the friendliest in Africa. You can reach out the local markets, these are the best places to experience the local life and as well try some local food, buy fresh agricultural products, hand made goods or try to speak some Lusoga language.

Try Fishing.

After the boat cruise, there is a great chance to engage in fishing excursions on the waters of Lake Victoria. This is the protocol “once you catch a fish, you have to live it back to water (catch and release)”. Besides that you can get permission from the officials and take one for roasting or cooking.

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