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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe Town

Guide to Entebbe – Things To See & Do, Where To Stay

If it is listing Uganda’s major towns, Entebbe can’t miss. It is located in the Central part of Uganda along the shores of Lake Victoria.

Entebbe town is renowned not only for its wide range of attractions, but also is home to Uganda’s international Airport “Ebb Airport”.

From this area, it takes about 2-3 hours for the drive up to Kampala (the capital of Uganda) via the normal road and about one hour via the express highway.

Why is Entebbe among Uganda’s top Towns?

This town is popular and known around the globe for many reasons, but the main landmark is the Entebbe International Airport.

This landing space is the only meeting point for all travelers from different parts of the World.

It is situated in the central part of Uganda and welcomes many planes from different countries daily. From this airport, it takes about 1-2 hours to reach Kampala (Uganda’s capital) by car.

How to Get Around Entebbe

Getting from or around Entebbe shouldn’t be a worry to you because this town has several means of transportation.

There are many, but isn’t that are all convenient that’s why you need to be careful when choosing for which mean to use. To limit you from hustle and bustle, it is our pleasure to recommend for you the best option to use.

Other than getting frustrated in the public means of transportation, using a private taxi is the best for you.

Airport Taxi agencies like Entebbe Airport Transfers offer this service at unbeatable prices, therefore endeavor to get in touch with them via their online platform.

Private transportation is comfortable, ensures privacy and time-saving. Most agencies offer it in well facilitated and conditioned 4×4 vehicles operated by friendly drivers.

Where to Stay & Eat in Entebbe

Accommodation isn’t a thing to doughty while Entebbe.

This town is dotted by several lodges, hotels and guest houses that offer complacent stays to travelers and visitors to the area. Whether you are after budget, mid-range or luxury facilities, there are all in place.

Most of the lodging facilities feature onsite eateries and pubs that serve all meals and fresh drinks to guests at affordable prices.

If you prefer having meals out of the places of stay, you are also set to go as there are many food outlets along Entebbe’s streets that offer both local and international dishes.

Where to go Shopping.

Shopping is one of the things that travelers usually like to do once they fly to other destinations.

Therefore if it is something you would like to consider while in Entebbe, don’t hesitate to move out of your hotel and reach out to different shopping outlets in this town such as malls like Victoria mall, supermarkets, craft shops where you can buy souvenirs and local markets that sell fresh agricultural products that are perfect for vegetarians.

What to Do & See in Entebbe

Visit UWEC

UWEC stands for Uganda Wildlife Education Centre.

This protected area is the only zoo in Uganda and consists of all the country’s Wildlife species including the African big fives like leopards, lions, buffaloes, elephants and the Rhinoceros.

All these animals are protected in cages except for birds that inhabit the available rain-forest. All visitors to this place are offered a guided tour which is included on the entry fee.

Visit Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Chimp Sanctuary is one of the only two sanctuaries found in Uganda. This protected area was established mainly to provide a home to the rescued and orphaned chimpanzee primates.

It is located on an island that is part of Koome group of islands on Lake Victoria. The Sanctuary currently provides lush habitats to about 49 chimpanzees.

You can easily get there by boat and the journey starts early in the morning. Visitors to Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary usually engage in many activities such as care-giving, chimpanzee feeding, food collection and bird watching.

Beach Hopping

Some areas in Entebbe share borders with Lake Victoria, so this is the reason why this region consists of several pristine beaches.

If you love beach hopping, Entebbe is the best for you. Many beaches like Aero, White sands beach, Spenar, Resort beach and more offer incredible beach encounters like swimming, sunbathing and more

Bird Watching.

If beach hopping doesn’t appeal, Entebbe is famous for bird watching. This area consists of numerous hotspots that offer endless views of different bird species.

Some of the great places to go for birding in Entebbe include Mabamba swamp, Entebbe botanical gardens and Zika forest.

Evening Walks along the Streets.

Other than birding or beach hopping, you can try evening walks along Entebbe’s calm streets. This is good for your health and exposes many hidden spots that are worth to see.

Make sure to arrange for the walks in the morning or late in the evening. For your security, it is recommended not to continue with the walk beyond 7:00 pm.

Boat Cruise.

This is another interesting activity to partake while in Entebbe.

A boat cruise is offered along the waters of Lake Victoria and rewards awe-inspiring views of the Lakeside scenery and aquatic species like birds, crocodiles and more.

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