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Uganda Suspends All Passenger Flights To & From India

With the increasing numbers of cases for the new Covid-19 variant in India, Uganda has decided to ban all flights to and from India.

Ruth Aceng, the minister of health told reporters that Uganda is taking a serious move to suspend all passenger flights from India until further notice. This is meant to limit the importation of this dangerous virus into the nation.

Starting from May 1 no traveler from this Asian country is allowed into the country. This decision comes after detecting the first Indian new variant in the nation.

“All travelers who have been in India or transited through this nation in the last 14 days regardless of the route used shall not be allowed into Uganda,” Aceng added.

The minister said all travelers coming from India before the suspension date must have a negative PCR COVID-19 test certificate conducted within 120 hours from the time of the jab.

Moreover, all travelers from category two countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Turkey, South Africa, South Sudan, and Tanzania are subjected to a PCR COVID-19 test at the points of entry.

Individuals from these countries who have already received their full COVID-19 vaccination are allowed into the country without the need to do another test on arrival.

After opening Entebbe airport, there has been a great increase in the number of passengers handled at the nation’s aviation ground.

Multiple airlines like Fly emirates, Rwandair, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, and more operate flights to Uganda from various corners of the world.

This suspension is a major disruption to the clear progress of aviation works at the Ebb airport. It will disrupt some flight networks which connect to Mumbai before they land at Entebbe airstrip.

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