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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

Many travelers visit Uganda every day and they get to this nation by various options. Some fly by plane and land at the EBB airport. Others cross by road transport from some border countries like Rwanda, South Sudan, DR Congo, Kenya, and Tanzania.

If you are traveling to Uganda by flight, know that Entebbe international airport is your gateway to the country. Before you book a ticket, it is paramount to know these points highlighted here.

EBB location

Entebbe airport is located in Entebbe town, an area that sits along the shores of the famed Lake Victoria. This facility is about 45 kilometers southwest of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. EBB is near the UN base in Uganda and multiple tourist spots.

Getting from Entebbe Airport

Since Entebbe airstrip is a bit isolated, you need transport to get from this aviation station to your next destination. Travelers use different options such as pick up by relatives or friends, shuttles, or a private taxicab. If you desire privacy, cheap and quick transport, don’t delay reserving a cab for your EBB airport transfer.

Travel documents

To enter Uganda from abroad, you must have the required travel documents. Don’t forget to come with your valid passport, Visa, yellow fever vaccination card, and the negative PCR Covid-19 test. At the moment, the negative test is enough but soon a Covid-19 vaccination card will be a must.

Airline operators

Several airlines operate flights from destinations like Dubai, Nairobi, Sharjah, Riyadh, Ankara, Johannesburg, London, Addis Ababa, Dar el Salaam, Berlin, Mogadishu, Mombasa, and more to Entebbe airport.

The list indicates operators like Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, Turkish, Kenya Airways, Air Tanzania, Brussels, RwandAir, KLM, British Airways, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Airlink, Saudia, and Air France, Auric Air, Uganda airlines and more. These companies offer scheduled weekly trips which make EBB airport active 24 hours.

The National Carrier

Uganda Airlines is the national carrier of the pearl of Africa. It operates many trips including direct flights from EBB to Dubai, Johannesburg, and London in the United Kingdom. Uganda existed for about 18 years without a flag carrier.

It was re-established and started operations in August 2019. The company has six aircraft and offers flight services to 12 destinations in different parts of the world. It welcomes travelers of different classes including economy, business, and luxury travelers.

Daily or Night flight?

Tickets for day flights are a bit more expensive than tickets for night trips. For those who need luxury services try operators like Emirates, Brussels, KLM, Kenya Airways, and more. For less expensive tickets, you can try Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, Eagle Air, and more.

Moreover, the price of a flight ticket depends on the period. Charges tend to be high during the peak season when there is high demand. To get better deals, make sure to reserve in advance. Try as well to search online, different booking platforms list discounted tickets for the early birds.

Facilities at the Airport

Entebbe airport is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities including eateries, banking points, forex exchange outlets, money transfer services, resting areas, parking lots, toilets, kiosks for various telecommunication companies where you can buy Simcards and data bundles.

If you need a local Simcard, don’t wait to buy one for Airtel or MTN. If not at the airport, you can get the card from one of the service centers in Kampala or any other city.

Nearby Cities

The nearby cities are Entebbe, Kampala, Jinja, and Masaka. At 6 km, Entebbe is the nearest. Kampala is about 45 kilometers from the airport. Masaka and Jinja are about 125km. Mbale, Mbarara, Gulu, Fort portal are other cities you can go to from EBB.

Transport in Uganda

Uganda has various transport options you can use to reach the various regions of this country. It includes road, water, air, and railway transport. Right now, only three means are active. The railway services are still collapsing, though the government is trying hard to revamp them.

For those who want to get around cheaply on their own, public road transport is the best answer. Many tourists use the bus from Kampala to reach other corners of the country like the western region, northern and eastern Uganda.


Uganda has great accommodation facilities for visitors who desire to spend some beautiful days in the country. There are budget, mid-range, and deluxe facilities. In every town or city, there is a fantastic place for you to stay. Hotel or lodge service providers accept cash or payment by a credit and master card.

Local food or International dishes?

Most eateries in Uganda serve both local and international dishes. They employ professional chefs who can prepare your desired meal fantastically. The menu is available to expose you to all the various types of food served. If you are a foodie, be sure to try Uganda’s local food. It is delicious and worth a taste.

Weather conditions

Uganda’s weather conditions are perfect. This country experiences two seasons and this is the dry and wet season. The environment is good to escape the winter days in Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. While in Uganda, you don’t need to move with a jacket, head shocks, and scarves. The temperatures are always moderate.


Located in the eastern region, this country is one of the safest countries in Africa. It isn’t threatened by rebel attacks. Most cities have multiple police stations which keep law and order. The UPDF Army protects the borders and limits rebels from entering the country.

Driving in Uganda

It is very possible for a foreigner to drive in Uganda provided that you have all the necessary documents. To drive in this country, you must be 25 years and above with a valid driving license. Motorists in Uganda usually keep left.

Most roads in this nation have too much traffic congestion, especially in Kampala. Some drivers use the expressways and the bypass to dodge the too much congestion on Kampala’s roads. At night it is not safe for foreign visitors to drive.

Remarkable Tourism Destination

Travelers come to Uganda for various reasons. If you are planning a trip to this country for something else, know that it is also fantastic for tourism. It has a plethora of impressive draws which invite tourists from different parts all over the globe.

It includes; rich culture and history, natural sceneries, yummy cuisine, historical and religious sites, lively cities, and diverse wildlife including the hardly seen species of Mountain gorillas. To have the best of this destination, arrange a Uganda Safari with a local tour operator.

You will enjoy multiple breathtaking activities like game driving, mountain hiking, gorilla trekking, primate encounters, boat cruise, nature walks, city tours, culinary adventures for foodies, rafting, kayaking, and tubing the Nile, Bungee jumping to mention but a few.

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