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Travel Cheaply From Arua to Entebbe Airport

For those who fancy cheap transport from Arua to Kampala or Entebbe Airport, a bus and an Airport taxi are the best answers. I used this option. I didn’t only save money in my pocket but also enjoyed the experience of sharing the bus with locals.

It’s an eight hours journey. Before coming to Uganda, I used to read about travel by bus. Some travelers don’t recommend it, but it’s a cheaper option not to miss. Below is the step-by-step guide to my journey.

Traveling by Bus from Arua to Kampala

While in Arua, I decided to reserve a night bus such that I arrive in Kampala very early in the morning for my flight. What I hated was missing the bus. That is why I arrived early at the station to occupy my seat. The drive started before 10:00 PM, and I enjoyed it because it was a night and the environment was calm.

Move with a jumper and scarf. This clothing can keep you. You are free to sleep along the way. There is some stopover at different fuel stations for the passengers to stretch and ease themselves. Nile star bus brought me up to Benzina petrol station in Kawempe. I found my taxicab driver already waiting for me.

Airport cab from Kampala to Entebbe

At first, I was worried about connecting from Kampala to Entebbe Airport. It came to my mind to inquire about Airport taxi services. Mike was available to reply to my email. I was happy to hear that it is possible to pick me up from Kawempe and drop me off at EBB Airport.

The reservation agent is helpful. He gave answers to all my questions and advice where necessary. After agreeing on the trip cost, I confirmed my booking a day before. Mike guided me on how to connect with the driver.

We communicated from 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM when I reached the pickup location. The driver was there for me, and this is the best service. Do not wait to use these guys. From Kawempe, I enjoyed the ride up to the Airport.

There was not too much traffic because we used the Kampala Northern bypass and Entebbe expressway. If you need a cab for Kampala to EBB trip, make sure to book in advance.

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