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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Bus Terminals Kampala

Bus Tickets in Kampala, Uganda

For those who desire to save some money on transport from Kampala to the upcountry, a bus trip is the best answer. Once in Kampala, you can’t fail to get a bus to northern, eastern, western, or southern Uganda.

It is cheap, comfortable, and available for everyone, including foreign travelers. If you are coming from abroad, here is the best way to go. From EBB, use an Airport shuttle to reach Kisenyi or other bus stations in the city.

Many agencies operate trips on different routes daily. The service is active 24 hours. You can choose to travel during the day or at night. To use a bus in Uganda, you have to book a ticket.

When should I book my ticket?

You can choose to reserve in advance or you get one on arrival. If you are on time, it’s better you pre-book such that you reach the terminal when your seat is available. For online bookings, you can use the quick bus or other platforms.

Other than that, it is possible to get a ticket on arrival. When you get to the station, visit one of the offices for your operator. There is an agent with a responsibility to handle your query. You pay the bus fares and receive the permit.

Namayiba and Kisenyi bus stands are located in downtown near Owino local market and the old taxi park. These places are ever busy and welcome a wealth of travelers who travel in and out of the capital.

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