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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Airport Taxi in Uganda

Taxi Pick up From Entebbe Airport

Being our first time in Uganda we were completely not sure of how to get from Entebbe Airport.

The big thanks go to Google. This global platform is the reason that we were able to get in touch with Entebbe Airport Express.

This reputable agency offers incredible taxicab services from EBB. As it’s our culture to make arrangements in advance.

We contacted this company via their online platform and made a reservation for our pick-up from EBB Airport.

Their reservationist is too responsive and friendly. Our flight arrived in the afternoon, after clearing we were too excited to meet the driver.

He welcomed us with a smiling face. Later on, we started our trip from EBB to the Fort portal. No disappointments, it all went well and matched our expectations.

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