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Tips For Driving In Uganda, Rules & Road Signs

For adventurers, nothing is more breathtaking than to explore a destination’s natural wonders by road tripping. You will have not only a local driving experience but also immerse yourself in multiple awe-inspiring things.

It usually includes hiring a Car with a reputable agency and go self-driving to many captivating draws in various corners.

Besides being cheap, this option ensures privacy and grants the opportunity to visit any place you want on your own. Feel all the hustles the locals go through when there are using rugged and muddy roads.

To have a successful tour, make sure to draft a travel plan that covers all your points of interest. Several destinations are ideal for road trip vacations around the world.

One of them is Uganda. Located in the eastern region of Africa, this country has a wealth of allures to explore.

The great road network to its various parts and good transportation system is the reason why road trippers include it on their bucket list for Self-drive holidays in Africa.

For those who hope to drive in Uganda either on a tour, from Entebbe airport, or normally around different towns, make sure to know these safety tips before you sit behind the steering or insert the key in the ignition.

Know the Driving Rules

Every country has its own driving rules. Some nations keep left and others right. For Uganda, you always keep left. Uganda’s driving regulations require you not to drive while talking on the phone, have a valid driving license, control your speed and don’t drink and drive.

Follow the Road Signs

All established tarmac roads in Uganda have signs that guide the drivers on what to do in the right place. It is advised to master all common signs such that you avoid mistakes.

Roads have multiple signs like those which mean don’t overtake, no U-turn, Zebra crossing, climbing lane, one way, you can overtake, it is possible to make a U-turn and more.

Avoid Over Speeding

One of the main causes of dangerous accidents in Uganda is over speeding or reckless driving.

These incidences are common on highways like Kampala – Masaka road, Jinja expressway, and more. Make sure to maintain the speed specified in a certain area by the road sign.

Driving at Night is Risky

Whether you are a local or foreigner, driving at night is risky not only in Uganda but also in any other country.

Thieves and murderers use the dark to target other people either to take their properties or kill them.

Ensure Defensive Driving

The road is used by different types of car operators including experts and novice drivers.

Don’t hesitate to ensure defensive driving. Control speed, keep distance, be alert, and expect the unexpected.

Check the Car condition

It is vital always to first check the car’s condition before you start it. Check on the water levels, oil brake fluid, battery, and other essential parts. In case of anything, you don’t understand endeavor to contact a mechanic.

Follow the Traffic lights

These are common on roundabouts and junctions. It includes arrows and three bulbs lighting red, yellow, and green.

There are put in place to ensure the proper use of the road meeting points by drivers. For those who don’t know the interpretations, Red means stop, yellow means get ready, and green just let you go.

Don’t forget the Backup Mechanical Tools

You can’t know when your car will break down.

Therefore it is always good to ever be ready for it. Endeavor to put some important tools like Carjack and wheel spanner in the boot or trunk.

A Child seat is Necessary

If you are traveling with kids, it is fantastic to provide a child seat. This seat can keep him or her in one position.

It is also advised to let the young ones use the back seats. Don’t risky to let him or her use the front passenger seat. Children are ever disorganizing yet drivers need to be more attentive.

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