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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala


Uganda named by Forbes among the Safe Destinations to Travel

As most European countries experience a second wave for the pandemic, others are continuing to lift the ban on different sectors especially tourism, entertainment, churches and educations.

Uganda is one of them, it was recently named by Forbes amongst the safest destinations to travel in Africa.

On October 1st it opened its air space and Entebbe Airport is currently receiving multiple flights from various areas of the World. In the first phase of reopening ebb international airport, international airlines were allowed to operate only one flight per day.

Then Uganda Airlines, the national carrier of the country sets off two flights per day. This was decided to reduce congestion which may foster the widespread of the Virus.

All visitors to the country are required to come with the necessary documents and follow all the guidelines. Requirements include a negative test conducted within 72 hours of arrival.

Those moving out of the country must also have a COVID-19 test with negative results done in no more than 120 hours before departure.

Currently, there is the curfew which starts at 9 pm and ends at 6 am, but for those travelling to or from Entebbe airport within the time frame of the curfew are allowed to go.

According to Forbes, the current COVID-19 rate in Uganda is relatively very low when compared to other countries (9000 cases and 81 deaths). Although there was a rise in the positive cases for the month of September, they have tried to handle it reasonably.

Forbes added on that no anything is limiting for those who would wish to visit Uganda for Tourism or any other kind of business.

The data released by Lancet Commission last month ranked this country as the safest to travel to in Africa.

Listed in the tenth position amongst the ninety-one countries reviewed, this pearl of Africa appeared the best and safer on the continent. All the credit goes to the ministry of health.

Travel to Uganda resumed and the airfield is currently operating but everyone is advised to ensure the health guidelines stipulated.

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