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Public Transport Rates in Uganda, Taxi & Bus

Kisoro-townTraveling is a usual meal for everyone. There is no way you can distance yourself from it if you are an employee, student, or tourist.

It is hard to finish a month without using a taxi, train, or Boda Boda, except for those who own private cars. In Uganda, it is possible for locals who resort to walking, but for a smaller percentage.

For travelers, it’s a must to use either private or shared means. If you plan to join the locals for your travel trips around the nation, make sure to know these public transport rates in Uganda.

Rates for different Vehicles

Listed below is the range for transport costs categorized according to the type of the fleet. The train is not widely operating in Uganda. It fell due to financial shortages, so there are just revamping it.


Most bus operators in Uganda provide transfer services for upcountry trips. Several companies arrange daily rides from Kampala to various parts of the country like Western, Eastern, Northern, and Southern parts.

The timetable includes morning, afternoon, evening, and late-night drives.

The price range for upcountry journeys is 10 – 50 USD. If you want to use this option, visit one of the bus parks in Kampala to book a ticket in advance.

These setting off-grounds are found in Kisenyi business center and along Namirembe road. There are numerous offices for different agencies that offer the service.


Taxis mostly operate in the central region, although there are those that tailor travels to places upcountry.

The fares for drives within Kampala city and its suburbs range from 1 to 5 dollars. Then for upcountry, it is the same as above.

Boda Boda

If you dislike mixing with locals on your travel, a motorcycle is the best option.

Travel safe with your rider and ensure that both of you put on helmets. It is perfect for short distances, and the charges start from $1 – $4.

Is it advocated for tourists?

For security purposes, buses and Taxis do not qualify for use by tourists. Buses may be genuine to a lesser extent.

The unfortunate side of it is time wastage along the way. It’s due to numerous stopovers included.

Then Taxis are worse. Sometimes you may board one for thieves. Try to be keen or distance yourself from them.

Payment method

Payment is by cash. Visa or Master cards are not in use. Only local currencies are allowed.

When you come with your dollars, euros, or pounds, make sure to exchange them before you embark on your Journey.

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