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Kuwait Airport Will Reopen on August 1st

At the beginning of August, Kuwait airport will restart international flights after six months of closure.

This move was made to limit the importation of Corona-virus. Officials from Civil Aviation told us that commercial flights will start again on August 1

The airport is to be reopened in three-phase. For the first phase, the airport will be operating at 30 per cent capacity for a period of six months.

The responsible authorities have ordered the airport not to process more than 10000 passengers and 100 flights per day.

Mr Utaibi said that the airport is now set to the new normal. Installed with disinfection equipment, warning signs, glass barriers and temperature sensors.

All arriving and departing passengers are required to have an approved COVID-19 free certificate and must install the tracing app “Shlonik”.

During the lockdown, the airport has been only welcoming the Kuwait nationals from abroad and laborers.

The airport closed to international flights on March 13.

After six months, the airport will shift to the second phase of reopening in February 2021 and will be operating at 60 per cent capacity. Full capacity operations will resume in August 2021.

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