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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Airport Taxi in Uganda

Transport From Kampala to Entebbe Airport

Getting from Kampala or any other city like Jinja to Entebbe Airport for your departure flight is possible if you make a good decision at a right time. From Kampala to EBB, it is about 45 kilometers.

Then it’s a bit longer distance for other cities and towns like Masaka, Mbarara, Gulu, Mbale, and more. Travelers use either private or public transport to reach the Airport for their trips abroad. Make sure to start the journey in time such that you don’t miss your flight.

You are required to check-in at the Airport three hours before your flight. If you are on time, don’t ever risk using public means like matuta or bus.

Private Car

For those who prefer private rides, the only answer for you is an Airport taxi. Be sure to reserve a cab with one of the agencies in advance. Avoid the last-minute call option, you will be disappointed.

When you book a cab for EBB drop-off, the driver will come for you at your exact location in Kampala city or other places. Please share the correct time for pick up, the phone number to call, and the location.

Be sure to suggest the pick-up time that is three hours before your departure time. Also, don’t forget to consider traffic Jam especially if your trip is in the morning or evening hours. A taxicab is quick and limits you from the hustle and bustle of public means, especially when you have too much luggage with you.

Travel like a boss. The rates depend on the distance covered. From Kampala, you pay between 35 – 40 USD or 120,000 – 140,000 Uganda shillings. This charge caters for fuel, car, and driver fees.

Special Taxi in Kampala

Public Transport

If not private means, public transport is also possible. It is cheap, but not quick. From Kampala, you can take a matatu from the old taxi park up to the Entebbe airport stage at a fee of 5000 Uganda shillings. From this stage, you continue by a taxicab up to the airport. Shared cabs charge 3000 shillings per person.

For those who are coming from upcountry, you need to enjoy your ride in a bus or matatu up to Kampala city center. From the old, new, or USAFI Park, you board another public taxi up to the airport stage where you find a cab to drop you at the airfield.

If you want to use public transport, make sure to give yourself enough time for travel because these matatu guys go on stopping along the way loading and off-loading.

Once the car starts, these guys don’t mind about passengers on board, but they mind about getting more commuters in case there are some empty seats. They also don’t use the expressways, so there is a possibility of getting stuck in traffic.

If you can easily get irritated, don’t think about the matatus from Kampala to Entebbe. This option is for the hustlers and those who desire to feel the experience of sharing a car with local passengers.

Gulu town

Another option is to use a Boda Boda, although it is not perfect if you have too much luggage. It is also risky to use a Boda Boda for all that long distance.

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