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How to Book for your Transfer from Hoima Airport.

Established to ease the transportation of oil products in Bunyoro region, Hoima Airport is another international landing space in Uganda. It was put up for oil transportation, but it as well welcomes in passenger flights from different parts of the World.

It is rare to find an airport that is surrounded by hotels and other places of stay. This means that any visitor is required to transfer up to the areas that are dotted by accommodation facilities or eateries.

After booking your flight tickets make sure to think about the airport taxi as well. With an airport taxi, it is easier to transfer up to your hotel at affordable costs. Multiple companies offer a taxi service, but it is not that there are legit. Be sure to search for the best agency and below are the steps to follow when booking.

Once you decide on the company to use, then go ahead and inquire with them to know their mode of operation, transfer costs and procedures of payment. Since you can’t reach their office, you can get in touch with them by use of an online platform. A reservation agent is always available to answer all your questions.

Am pretty sure that after discussing with the reservationist you will reach an agreement and you have no reason to delay the confirmation of your booking. It is always good to do it in advance such that your transfer is catered for in time. After booking, you can as well make a deposit but most taxi agencies are free to receive your payment on arrival.

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