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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

Hopes to open Entebbe Airport Decline as Kampala is set for another Lock-down

Rumours circulating indicate that Kampala city the capital of Uganda may be subjected to another lock-down after some months since work was resumed in June. The decision to re-lock down comes after a rise in the confirmed COVID-19 cases in the city Centre. About one hundred and ninety-three cases were recorded in Kampala only in seven days.

With multiple arcades and shopping malls that are crowded by vendors and customers, the City Centre is now declared as the hotspot for Corona-virus spread in Uganda. This puts the country on panic and this has resulted after the traders, arcade owners and customers failing to follow the ministry of health guidelines that include social distancing, wear a mask and washing of hands.

Once you get the time and move around Kampala streets especially in downtown you start asking multiple questions why the government of Uganda is stilling holding the reopening of Entebbe International Airport, Bars, Schools, Churches, Football and the Entertainment industry.

The city Centre is a place where you find many people strolling on streets without wearing face masks, there is no social distancing at all and some buildings have not installed water for handwashing, sanitizers and temperature guns.

What limits are the testing kits, but once Uganda just tries to enforce mass testing in Kampala, it isn’t a surprise when thousands of cases are confirmed. What I believe is that most Ugandans are asymptomatic. More cases are expected in Arcades, shopping malls and public transportation.

The president is expected to address the nation about the current situation and major sports for the spread may be relocked. Most Ugandans and foreigners stuck in Uganda were hoping for another move to reopen Entebbe airport but it may fall underway due to the increased positive cases.

Analysts have advised the president not to relock the country because this will affect the country financially and most people mostly traders are battling with bank loans. People in Kampala, Arcade and Mall owners, traders and operators of public transportation are advised and warned to follow the guidelines. If not that a second lockdown is coming. The statement was made by Minister of ICT “Judith Nabakooba”.

Even though there is an increase in Covid-19 positive cases, hopes are still on that opening of Entebbe Airport is due to take place provided that drafted SOPs will be followed by travelers. Once it is open don’t hesitate to get in touch with Uganda Airport Taxi for your transfers up to Kampala or any other place in Uganda.

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